China hosts the second International Cigar Expo. Yesterday representatives ofChina Tobacco Sichuan Industrial Co hosted a kick-off conference to invite premium cigar brands and cigar-related enterprises to attend the expo. Representatives of Habanos, Davidoff, and the Chinese humidor butler Bulldog also delivered speeches.

International Cigar Expo

The International Cigar Expo will take place from November 8 to 10 at the Tianfu International Convention Center in Chengdu. The organizers are China Cigarette Sales Corporation and China Tobacco International Group Ltd. China Tobacco Sichuan Industrial, China Tobacco Anhui, Shandong, Hubei Industrials Co., Ltd., China Tobacco Hubei, Hainan, Sichuan, Yunnan provincial companies, and Shenzhen Tobacco Import and Export Co., Ltd, are co-organizers. It is the second time that the International Cigar Expo takes place.

According to the plan, 2021 ICE will focus on the exhibition of premium cigars and related products of Chinese and foreign brands. But also on cigar culture and lifestyle experience. The exhibition area is bigger than 10,000 sqm. Other products such as tobacco, accessories, pipes, drinks pairings, lifestyle, auxiliary materials, and cigar machinery are welcome to exhibit too. That makes the International Cigar Expo the Asian equivalent to Tobacco Plus Expo and Intertabac.

There are many events in the planning such as a Cigar Night Welcome Party, there are forums, seminars, and cigar tastings. This all establishes a platform for facilitating exchange, convergence, and mutual development in terms of trade, technology, and project cooperation in the cigar industry. There will also be a virtual exhibition.

International exposure

Local authorities say that the Expo would invite more than 150 domestic and overseas enterprises. That totals more than 10,000 exhibitors, guests, and professional visitors. Many famous brand enterprises, such as Habanos, Davidoff, Bulldog, Scandinavian Tobacco Group, etc., have confirmed their presence. They are there to display brand-new products and communicate the latest achievements of the industry. But there are more brands confirming attendance every day.

The first International Cigar Expo took place in Shenzhen in 2019. Chengdu is one of the largest cigar markets in China and has a solid industrial base. There is a huge potential in the city for the cigar industry and that’s why the organizing committee chooses Chengdu as the location this year. Moreover, Sichuan Province boasts the largest cigar production base in Asia and the national base for premium air-cured tobacco. 

China tobacco strives for an authoritative, professional, and opening-up platform for international cigar display and cigar trade. They hope that the expo will boost exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and international cigar manufacturers and tobacco growers. The first collaboration is already a fact, VegaFina Fusion Edition is a Chinese-made cigar with Caribbean tobacco. China is also the most important consumer market for Habanos.

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