Charity Habanos Festival Auction. There are many charities in the cigar industry. Most of the charities are founded, funded and supported by cigar factories or cigar brands. But the most famous one is undoubtedly the annual auction from Habanos. At the Habanos Festival, which takes place in February every year, limited and unique items are auctioned for charity. For the last few years, that charity is the Cuban Public Health care system.

The auction is what most consider the highlight of the festival. Habanos goes all out and in collaboration with talented Cuban craftsmen, unique humidors are made. And filled to the brim with often limited edition, unique Cuban Puros. These humidors are extremely collectible. And expensive. For example, in 2018 the auction raised almost 1.5 million Euro for Cuba’s public health care system. 

The most expensive item of the 2018 auction was a Cohiba humidor made by the famous Cuban artist Roberto Fabelo. The humidor looked like a burning Cohiba cigar contained 550 cigars including Cohiba Talisman, 1966, Maravillas, and Behikes. It was sold for 340.000 Euro.

Over the last few years, the auction has gotten a lot of attention. It’s becoming the highlight of the annual Habanos Festival. Over the years several million dollars have been raised for charity. And the numbers are getting higher every single year.

Below are some of the unique humidors from the auctions over the years.

Photo credit:
2011 Hoyo de Monterrey: Habanos
2013 Montecristo: Halfwheel
2015 Cohiba: Cuban House of Cigars
2016 Cuaba: Cuban House of Cigars
2018 Partagas: Cuban House of Cigars
2019 H. Upmann (see the error on the humidor): Friends of Habanos

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