Casdagli comes with Villa Casdagli Cigars. Even though Villa Casdagli was already in use by Casdagli Cigars, it was the name for their accessories and lifestyle products. This includes cigar accessories, bespoke clothing, and coffee.

Tobacco Plus Expo

During the Tobacco Plus Expo this week, Jeremy Casdagli is introducing the Villa Casdagli line. The came comes from the villa that the Casdagli family had in Cairo, Egypt. The villa has a huge history and also served as the American embassy for a while. The Casdagli family was big in the cotton business in the 19th century and in breeding Arabian horses. 

Villa Casdagli isn’t the first cigar that gets the inspiration from that era in the Casdagli family history. The wallpaper pattern on many Casdagli products is a reproduction of the wallpaper of the house. Daughters of the Wind is named after an old Arab poem about Arabian horses, which ties back in with the family history. 

Villa Casdagli Cigars

The new cigars are a tweaked version of the Daughters of the Wind Robusto. The wrapper is Ecuadorian just like the binder. The filler comes from Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. But the recipe changes for each vitola. Not every size gets the same ratio of each tobacco, the blenders want every vitola to be perfect. 

The cigars come in four sizes. Those are a 5×52 Robusto, 6×54 Toro, 5½x46 Corona Gorda, and a 5×54/58 Pigasus. All come in boxes of 12 cigars. Both the Daughters of the Wind line and the new Villa Casdagli line come from the Tobaccos De Costa Rica in Costa Rica. The Master blender is Don Olman Guzman. The other Casdagli cigars are all Dominican, made at Kelner Boutique Factory.

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