Casdagli comes with Mareva Spalato No 2. It’s the follow-up of the Casdagli Mareva Spalato Edicion Limitada. That release saw the light In celebration of the Cigar Smoking World Championship 2017 finals. It pays tribute to the historical city of Split. The former name of Split is the inspiration for the name. The city of Split had the name “Spalatum” during the Roman empire. It was then renamed “Spalato” by The Venetians. The presentation box replicates the famous black marble from the Island of Brac that the emperor Diocletian used to decorate his palace in Split in 305AD.

Unlike its predecessor, the Casdagli Mareva Spalato No. 2 will be a general production cigar and already made available to Casdagli Cigars’ distributors worldwide. The cigars should be available worldwide in time for a Christmas smoke. Even though the Casdagli Mareva Spalato No 2 is a regular production cigar, it is limitedly available due to a low annual production number.

Blend change

Where the original 10.000 cigars utilize a Dominican wrapper over a Dominican binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, the Casdagli Mareva Spalato No 2 uses a different wrapper. The new Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper does change the flavor profile. The dark chocolate from the original blend is now milk chocolate in the new blend. “As the original was such a hit with the blend working so well in the Pyramide format we decided to determine the new blend by keeping the filler, binder, and format unchanged and solely experimenting with different wrapper leaves,” explains Jeremy Casdagli, the Founder of Casdagli Cigars.

The Club Mareva Line is a collaboration between Club Mareva from Marko Bilic and Casdagli Cigars. Bilic is the owner of Club Mareva in Split and the founder of the Cigar Smoking World Championship. Each blend is from the hands of Hendrik Kelner Jr, who makes the cigars at his Kelner Boutique Factory. But all the blends are personally selected and approved by Marko Bilic. “I really wanted to create a Pyramide cigar to celebrate our Roman heritage as the pyramids of Egypt were such an important symbol to the Roman people,” says Marko Bilić about the original limited edition. Currently, there are five different vitolas in the Casdagli Club Mareva Line.

Ministry of Cigars - Casdagli comes with Mareva Spalato No 2

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