Casdagli cigars entering Belgium. The brand of Jeremy Casdagli adds the 13th country to the list of European countries where the brand is available. The latest addition to that list is Belgium. 

Ministry of Cigars - Casdagli cigars entering Belgium

 Vinche & Koopmans

The Casdagli Cigars distributor for Belgium is Vinche & Koopmans. Vinche and Koopmans have more than 150 years of experience in importing and distributing tobacco and accessories. The company stems from 1864 when the Vinche family opened a small store in Brussels. Within years, they built a reputation for importing and selling luxurious pipes. The second generation became pipe-makers and the Vinche empire grew from there.

The Koopmans part of the company is younger. The Koopmans family worked for Hillen from Hilson Pipes for years. But in 1977 they started an import and distribution company for pipes and accessories. Eventually, the two families found each other and joined forces.

Nowadays Vinche & Koopmans is importing and distributing pipes, accessories for pipes and cigars, lighters, but also pipe-tobacco, and cigars. Casdagli Cigars isn’t the only cigar brand in their portfolio.

 The selection

The first cigars that will enter the Belgian market at the Casdagli Traditional line and the Daughters of the Wind line. The Casdagli Traditional is a Dominican cigar. It comes from the Kelner Boutique Factory. Hendrik Kelner Jr is the son of Tabadom’s founder Henke Kelner, who made Davidoff what it is now.

The Daughter of the Wind line finds its inspiration in an Arab poem and the Casdagli family history. The cigars come from the IGM Factory in San Juan, Costa Rica. This is a small boutique factory with access to some of the rarest Costa Rican tobacco. Casdagli uses some of that tobacco in the Daughters of the Wind line.

In Europe, Casdagli is now available in Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Sweden, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Poland. The brand is also available in New Zealand, all over the Middle East, and some Asian markets.

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