Casdagli adds lancero to Daughters of the Wind. The popular cigar line, named after a famous Arab poem, now has a lancero as well. But that’s not all the news for the cigar brand. The Casdagli cigars will be available in the United Arab Emirates soon. And there’s now a Bespoke Cigar Lounge in Tallinn.

Daughters of the wind

Last year, Casdagli Cigars relaunched the Daughters of the Wind brand. At first, the Daughters of the wind was a limited release. But the feedback from American smokers so positive, that in 2018, it was time to release them as regular production. The blend was tweaked into a more exciting blend. There was also interest in the Middle East which is not surprising as the whole line is based upon a famous Arab poem. That poem, daughters of the wind, was written in the 6th century. And it was the inspiration for Casdagli when he was blending the cigars. In the process of relaunch the original Daughters of the Wind vitolas would be kept and others but the Dahman (Toro), would be renamed after the colours that adorned the Dahman Arabian race horses that the Casdagli family bred in the early 1900s – Calico (Pyramide) and Rabicano (Salomone). There would also be 1 new arrival – a figurado, the Sabino.

Ministry of Cigars - Casdagli adds lancero to Daughters of the Wind

Last June, the company announced that there would be a line edition in the shape of a 7½x39 Lancero. At the Intertabac trade show, that cigar was officially released under the name Cremello. The lanceros are produced in ​Costa Rica ​at an exclusive boutique factory IGM, just like the other Daughter of the Wind cigars. But the blend is different, with an atypical range of tobacco. The filler contains Dominican Caramelo and Peruvian Pinar. The binder and wrapper are from Costa Rica, with the wrapper being a Claro.

Ministry of Cigars - Casdagli adds lancero to Daughters of the Wind

UAE and the new Bespoke lounge

Casdagli cigars always had a strong following in the Middle East. Leaf Masters, a cigar distributor from the UAE, knows that and that’s why they asked Casdagli Cigars to be the exclusive distributor for their territory. Jeremy Casdagli agreed, and the brand will be launched in Dubai in December. Leaf Masters and Casdagli cigars have picked a selection of all five lines to be available during the initial launch. ​So look out for Casdagli cigars soon to be seen in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait & Qatar.

Ministry of Cigars - Casdagli adds lancero to Daughters of the Wind
Jeremy Casdagli with the leaf masters

In the heart of the medieval old town of Tallinn, Estonia you will find the D’Boiss Club Bespoke. And inside you will find the brand new Bespoke Cigar Lounge by Casdagli. Up to 16 brothers and sisters of the leaf can sit comfortably in the beautiful armchairs while enjoying a fantastic cigar and great company. The Bespoke Cigar Lounge by Casdagli offers a wide selection of cigars, not only the Casdagli brand but other premium brands as well. From Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. And, when in town, Jeremy Casdagli will be personally entertaining the clients of the Bespoke Cigar Lounge by Casdagli.

D’Boiss Club Bespoke is a concept store where you can have the bespoke experience that you deserve! In addition to the cigar lounge, the club houses a very well-stocked whiskey bar, gentlemen’s barbershop. And it offers custom made shoes, accessories and tailoring for men. All the amenities are available during the opening hours. 

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