CASC Bar opens shop in Aberdeen. A little over 8 years ago, a father and son team discovered a niche. In Aberdeen, Scotland there are plenty of whisky bars, a few craft beer places, and a handful of cigar lounges. But not one single spot offered all these pleasantries under one roof. So Bill & Paul West went for it. They created the Cigars, Ales, Scotch and Coffee bar, CASC Bar for short.

Paul says, “There were whisky bars out there, the odd craft beer bar, various cigar lounges, and thousands of cafes, but nowhere that had all four under one roof. We wanted a solution to our problem and CASC was it.”


And last week the West family’s new adventure opened its doors. A CASC shop, also in Aberdeen. So that cigar enthusiasts, coffee aficionados, and lovers of craft beer and liquor can buy their vices to take home. Or to buy presents for friends or loved ones.

The shop boasts a well-stocked walk-in humidor, with a fine selection of both Cuban and New World cigars. The shop also has over 150 varieties of Scotch whisky including many rare expressions. There is a full range of craft beers from around the world and different kinds of coffee. The coffee comes from roasters in Glasgow. It doesn’t stop there as the shop also carries gin, rum, cognac, mezcal, tequila, and other spirits 

The opening of a new shop that specializes in cigars is a big plus in the United Kingdom where the number of tobacconists has been on the decline for many years. This is creating big wastelands where no premium cigars are available, but Aberdeen doesn’t have to worry about that with the new CASC shop.

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