Casa de Torres is a brand owned by the German cigar importer and producer Schuster. They own and operate a factory that makes dry cured shortfiller cigars in Germany. They also handle the European distribution for RoMa Craft and distribute Debonaire House (Debonaire, Indian Motorcycle) in Germany. In the past they handled La Flor Dominicana and other brands too. Casa de Torres is their brand made by a partner in Nicaragua.

Last year, at the 20th birthday of the brand, Schuster asked Esteban Disla, the master blender for RoMa Craft, to create a limited edition grand perfecto and it was a hit. For 2019 they come with another limited edition, Casa de Torres Limited Edition 2019 Gran Perfecto Gordo. Another blend though, and another factory.

What we do know is that the Danish Casa de Torres distributer, Føniks Cigar Import, ordered the cigars. Within a few months the Casa de Torres Limited Edition 2019 Grand Perfecto Gordo will be for sale at Danish cigar shops.

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