Casa Cuevas appoints new Director of Operations. But, just as it is supposed to be in a family-owned business, the position is filled with a family member. The new Director of Operations is Alec Cuevas. He’s the son of president Luis Cuevas Jr and the grandson of master blender Luis Cuevas Sr.

Alec Cuevas is a Miami native who grew up around tobacco. He spent entire summers in the Dominican Republic with his grandfather at the Cuevas’ cigar factory, Las Lavas Cigar Factory. He fell in love with cigars when he smoked his first. That was given to him by his grandfather during a New Year’s celebration, at age 17.

“I couldn’t finish it but smoking my very first cigar with my father and grandfather during that New Year’s Eve celebration was one of the most memorable moments in my life.”

Alec Cuevas

Other experiences

Alec later went on to work for Neptune Cigar Super Store in Miami, while attending Florida International University. There he smoked every cigar he could get his hands on. The goal was to develop his palate with the intention of one day joining the family business.

Luis Cuevas Jr. said:” My father and I couldn’t be prouder of Alec. The Casa Cuevas Cigar brand is first and foremost a family business and we look forward to watching Alec grow with us.” Alec Cuevas stated: “My father has created a culture, that makes the Casa Cuevas Cigar brand unique. Our motto “we make cigars from our casa to yours” is because cigars unify people from different backgrounds, job positions, and the like. My father, grandfather and I have an immense adoration for what we create and an immense admiration for other wonderful brands within the industry of tobacco. I am proud to join my father and grandfather and look forward to helping the Casa Cuevas Cigar brand grow.”

Ministry of Cigars - Casa Cuevas appoints new Director

About Casa Cuevas

Casa Cuevas Cigars was established in 2016 but has a decades-old history behind it. Cuban born Master Blender Luis Cuevas Sr. has been blending cigars from his factory in the Dominican Republic for many popular cigar brands. Now, together with son Luis Cuevas Jr., the Casa Cuevas Cigar brands were created to honor their four-generation cigar heritage. Currently, the Casa Cuevas Cigars line of brands include the Casa Cuevas core line, the Casa Cuevas Limited Edition Flaco, the Cuevas Reserva, and the Limited Edition Mandarria.

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