Camacho Box-pressed tubos gets released internationally. After a successful launch in the United States, Oettinger Davidoff is releasing the new BXP core tubos in select markets around the world. The tubos are available for the Camacho Connecticut, the Camacho Corojo, and the Camacho Ecuador. The launch date may vary depending on the country.

 These Camacho lines were introduced several years ago after Oettinger Davidoff bought the brand and the factory from the Eiroa family. The Camacho brand was founded in 1962. And now there are box-pressed toros, in a 6×50 size, of the three most recognizable blends. According to the blenders, box-pressing these cigars creates a cooler smoke with an enhanced mouthfeel.

The new tubes

Just like the box-pressed tubes for Avo that Oettinger Davidoff released recently, the Camacho tubes are appealing to the eye. Each tubo is designed with a durable body, an attached flip-top lid and prominent identifying line colors that truly stand out. The boxes and rings of the Camacho have been praised within the cigar community from the moment they were released.

“After its successful launch in the United States, we are excited to introduce the new Camacho BXP Tubo extensions of our best-selling box-pressed formats to the rest of the world. The Camacho core lines have been a staple in the humidors of aficionados for many years and can now be found packaged in a distinctive new “box-pressed” black matte-finished tubos. In an active world, the BXP Tubos are the perfect way to transport the favorite smoke of an aficionado without having to think twice about your cigar being damaged,” states Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer of Oettinger Davidoff AG.

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