Brazilian Tobacco Festival Origens. Not only Cuba has its cigar festival, the Habanos Festival. The Dominican Republic has Procigar. Nicaragua has Puro Sabor. Although the 2019 Puro Sabor edition was canceled due to the riots. And Brazil has Origens.

The four C’s

The first Festival Origens took place in 2017. The second edition was last year. And from October 17 till 20, 2019, the third edition will be held. It will take place in the tobacco region of the largest country in South America. In the city of Cachoeira.

The Festival Origens celebrates all the best things in Brazil. That includes coffee, chocolate, Cachaça, and cigars. During the festival, tobacco fields will be visited. And cigar factories, including Danneman and the factories of Menendez Amerino. They are responsible for famous brands as Dona Flor and Alonso Menendez. There will also be pairings between Brazilian cigars and the other C’s that are being celebrated.

And if you are an adventurer, get the package with the additional day. During that day, you can relive and follow the route of tobacco transport during the colonial days.

Ministry of Cigars Brazilian Tobacco Festival Origens
curing barn at Danneman Cigars

Registration open

The previous festival was sold out within a week, so if you are interested, don’t wait too long. Registration opens today at the Festival Origens website. And be part of the Brazilian Tobacco Festival Origens.