Brazilian Tobacco Festival Origens

Brazilian Tobacco Festival Origens

Brazilian Tobacco Festival Origens. Not only Cuba has its cigar festival, the Habanos Festival. The Dominican Republic has Procigar. Nicaragua has Puro Sabor. Although the 2019 Puro Sabor edition was canceled due to the riots. And Brazil has Origens. The four C's...

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Cigar Smoking World Championship dates

Cigar Smoking World Championship dates

In a few years time, the Cigar Smoking World Championship has received a reputation and a status in the industry like hardly any other event. Twenty qualifying events before the grand finale, all over Europe, the USA, Asia, South America and even during the Procigar...

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Birthdays and events
November 15
EVENT: Society Handshake @ The Cabinet, Kuala Lumpur
November 16
EVENT: Masterclass, The Duke, Kuala Lumpur
, EVENT: Society Handshake @ Cigar Bar KL, Kuala Lumpur
, EVENT: Society Handshake @ Cigar Malaysia Ansa, Kuala Lumpur
November 17
Dany Bermudez (My Father Cigars)
, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo (EPC Cigars)
November 20
EVENT: La Casa Del Habano, Chester
November 21
Kaizad Hansotia (Gurkha Cigars)
November 22
Marko Bilic (CSWC)
November 24
Carlos Andres (Arnold André)
November 28
Pierre Jourdan (Les Fines Lames)
November 29
Rick Rodriguez (CAO Cigars)
December 4
Meera Levin (Ashton)
December 6
Ernesto Padilla (Padilla Cigars)
, Philipp Kugler (Cigar Kings)
December 7
Pete Johnson (Tatuaje)
December 12
Hamlet Paredes (Rocky Patel)
December 17
Fred Vandermarliere (Cortes)
December 18
Didier v Houvenaghel (La Ley)
December 25
Dean parsons (Epic Cigars)
December 26
Esteban Disla (RoMa Craft)
January 10
Jeremiah Meerapfel (Fuente Meerapfel)
January 18
David Davtian (Davtian Cigars)
January 19
Conrado Plasencia (Plasencia Cigars)
, Mac Bergson (Swisser)
January 26
Bill Ives (Cubariqueño)
February 1
James Brown (Black Label Trading Company)
February 3
Nimish Desai (Rocky Patel)
February 4
Nick Perdomo (Perdomo Cigars)
February 6
Nish Patel (Rocky Patel)