Bossner is entering Belgium and changes distributor in The Netherlands. The German cigar brand found a new distributor with Gajane Benelux. Through Gajane, they reach more Dutch retailers than through their previous distributor. But the bonus is access to the Belgian cigar market, which is bigger than the Dutch market for premium handmade cigars. The cigars come from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Bossner is a company from Berlin. They have been around since 1993, focusing on luxury goods. Not just cigars but also on cigar accessories, fashion & style, and delicacies. The fashion & style line includes leather goods made from crocodile-, python- and ostrich-leather The delicacies include wine, 40-year-old and 60-year-old cognac, cookies, and chocolate. Gajane Benelux says they will focus on the cigars only. Branded merchandise is not allowed in The Netherlands. If the delicacies are sold in The Netherlands, it will be considered as advertising the cigars. That is opening a potential can of worms for Gajane Benelux. That regulation prevents Bugatti cigars, Bentley cigars, and Dictador cigars to enter The Netherlands as well.

Dominican selection

From the Dominican cigars of Bossner, the following are available in The Netherlands and Belgium:
Bossner Robusto, made with an American grown Connecticut wrapper. The binder and filler are Dominican. The cigar has the classic 5×50 measurements and offers a creamy smoke with a spicy kick. The second offering is the Bossner Rolando Robusto. 5 inches long and a ring of 50. This cigar features an American grown Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper over Dominican binder and filler. This is a medium-body cigar with nutty and spicy flavors. The price of both cigars in The Netherlands is €13 per cigar. Due to the higher tax, the price is a little higher in Belgium for all the Bossner cigars.

Ministry of Cigars - Bossner is entering Belgium

The Bossner Peter I is available in a Claro and Maduro version. They both measure 4 8/10 x45 in size. Both follow the same recipe of Dominican filler and binder. And both have an American Connecticut wrapper. The wrapper on the Claro is Connecticut Shade, where the wrapper on the Bossner Peter 1 Maduro is Connecticut Broadleaf. The Bossner Alexander I also comes in both blends. These short robusto cigars measure 3 ½ x48 and are utilizing Dominican filler and binder. The wrapper is either Connecticut Shade or Connecticut Broadleaf from the United States. Both blends come in at €69 for a carton of 5 cigars. The Alexander lines are €49,95 per box of 5.

The last of the Dominican Bossner cigars available in The Netherlands and Belgium is the Bossner Ambassador Figurado. This cigar measures 5 7/10×52 and is the ambassador to the Bossner brand. The packaging is stylish and sophisticated. Just like a real diplomat. The cigar uses Dominican filler and binder. But the wrapper isn’t American Connecticut Broadleaf on this blend. It is a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. It comes at €23,50 per cigar in The Netherlands.

Ministry of Cigars - Bossner is entering Belgium

Nicaraguan selection

The Bossner Richard I comes in two blends. The Richard I Moreno uses an Ecuadorian wrapper, where the Richard I Maduro uses Brazilian Arapiraca. The binder and filler are Nicaraguan. Both cigars measure 4×60. The Bossner Admiral measures 5½x60 and is a box-pressed double Campagna figurado. The wrapper is from Ecuador with filler and binder from Nicaragua. Bossner Baron is a 6×60 Gordo that follows the same Ecuadorian, Nicaraguan recipe. The Richard I and Richard I Moreno come in at €66 for a carton of 4. The Admiral is €23 per cigar. The Baron is €177,50 per box.

The 20th-anniversary cigar from Bossner is called Bossner Martin 20th Anniversary. It measures 6½x56. It is a full-body cigar with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The filler and binder are Nicaraguan. The cigars are coming in beautiful tubes. A box of three tubes is €115,00

Ministry of Cigars - Bossner is entering Belgium

Kosher cigars

Since the autumn of 2013, Bossner offers the Nicaraguan selection in a kosher version. A rabbi supervises all steps of the production. From leave fermentation to production. He supervises if the cigars are made according to kosher law. The cigars all carry the mark of the Kosher Supervision of America. The cigars are treated so they can be smoked during Passover. The tobacco leaves are grown and stored according to kosher law and kept isolated from non-kosher products.

Ganaje Benelux and Bossner selected the Bossner Martin 20th Anniversary and the Bossner Baron from the kosher line to be available in The Netherlands and Belgium. The kosher Bossner Martin is €120 per box of 3. The Bossner Baron KSA is €187,50 per box.

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