Blanco and Line of Duty settle differences. In March of 2019, Blanco Cigars sued Tom Werther from Line of Duty Cigars. Blanco Cigars was the supplier for Line of Duty Cigars from the start. But late 2017, Werther rejected a shipment of 2000 cigars. Blanco sold the cigars to a few retailers, but with the Line of Duty packaging. And that is a copyright infraction according to Werther. Add to the equation that Line of Duty donates 10% to charity, and there is no indication that Blanco Cigars did the same for these 2000 cigars, it led to an online smear campaign. 

As a result of that campaign, the google and Facebook page ratings of Blanco Cigars dropped considerably. Werther called Blanco Cigars thieves, criminals, liars, and a disgrace to the cigar industry. The response of Blanco Cigars was a court case. After a year of online harassment, Blanco Cigars sued Werther.

Apology and retraction 

Today Werther posted a message on his social media, apologizing to David Blanco and Blanco Cigars for his accusations. The message reads:

In February of 2018 and thereafter, I made certain social media statements regarding David Blanco and Blanco Cigar Company having sold unauthorized Line of Duty Cigars and the theft of the Line of Duty Trademark. Additionally, in a number of those statements, I referred to David Blanco and Blanco Cigar Company as thieves. We had a business dispute, and it was wrong of me to claim and then communicate that David Blanco and Blanco Cigar Company were criminals or had in any way acted in a criminal manner. I would like to formally retract my statements and apologize for all mischaracterizations and negative impacts my comments have had toward David Blanco personally as well as Blanco Cigar Company. Those statements have been removed and we have parted ways amicably and settled our differences to our mutual satisfaction.

Tom Werther

Since the business dispute, Line of Duty cigars switched manufacturers to Fabrica Oveja Negra. Fabrica Oveja Negra is the factory of James & Angela Brown, best known for Black Label Trading Company cigars.

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