Black Label coming to Belgium and Luxembourg. With the Black Works Studio cigars in the slipstream. Both brands come from the Oveja Negra Brands portfolio. Oveja Negra Brands is the brainchild of James and Angela Brown. Their small factory in Nicaragua has the same name, Oveja Negra. Fitting, as they are the black sheep of the cigar community.

European expansion

“After entering the German market a couple of years ago, we have been humbled by the incredible reception our cigars have received. We are excited to continue our expansion in Europe by adding Media RuedaTM to the Oveja Negra family! Pieter and his partners have been amazing supporters of what we do and I’m looking forward to working with him in the Belgium market,” says James Brown, creator of BLTC and BLK WKS, and partner at Fabrica Oveja Negra. 

“We are excited to bring Oveja Negra Brands to our markets. There is a great demand for excellent, hand-crafted cigars and we feel honored Oveja Negra Brands put their trust in us to serve our local customers,” Pieter De Windt, partner at Media RuedaTM bv adds.

Oveja Negra

World travelers and adventurers James & Angela Brown lived all over the world before settling down in Latin America. First in Costa Rica, as tour guides. And during those trips, James took his clients to Nicaragua. To tobacco factories. He blended some cigars and sold them. The feedback was so positive, that the couple moved to Nicaragua. They started a factory and Black Label Trading Company. Since then, they gained a loyal following and are now slowly entering international markets as well. 

Ministry of Cigars reviewed the Black Label Trading Company Royalty Robusto. We also mentioned Oveja Negra brands as 5 boutique brands that are likely to make it in our series on boutique brands that did not make it (part one and part two), boutique. Brands that made it (part one and part two), and boutique brands that are likely to make it (part one and part two).

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