Big merge in European tobacco retail. Belgium-based La Casa del Tobacco and the British retailer C.Gars Ltd are merging. The new company is Dominque London and will run 17 retail stores. 8 of those retail stores are in Belgium, the other 9 are in the United Kingdom. The locations include the famous La Casa del Habano Knokke and the brand new C.Gars Ltd location in London. The new group has 130 employees and a turnover of 27 million Euro.

With the merge, Dominique London creates a leading group of luxury boutiques in Europe specializing in premium handmade cigars, both from Cuba as well as New World cigars. High-end accessories, spirits, and other luxury items are part of the portfolio as well.

Two heavyweights 

Both La Casa del Tabaco, as well as C.Gars Ltd, are heavyweights in the cigar industry. With leaders that proved themselves in the industry over some time. The name Dominique London is the combination of Dominique Gyselinck and the British capital. Gyselinck, COO of La Casa Del Tabaco, was the first woman to be voted Habanos Man of the Year. London is the cigar capital of the world, where Dominique London opened their flagship store in January in St James’s Street, the premier cigar location in London.

“Dominique London is going to expand to other countries. Opportunities for further expansion are endless”, says Dominique Gyselinck COO of Dominique London and La Casa Del Tabaco. “The existing range of luxury cigar boutiques is very fragmented everywhere. Moreover, despite COVID-19 and Brexit, the aficionados market continues to experience strong growth.” Online sales of La Casa Del Tabaco and C.Gars are booming. Sales figures are also rising spectacularly year after year in new markets – with China leading the way. “This exclusive business is challenging. Continuous developments in IT, specific product knowledge, expertise, and access to the limited supplier circle require increasing investments”, concludes Dominique. “The consolidation of the market at home and abroad offers many opportunities for our international expansion.”

Mitchell Orchant, Managing Director of C.Gars Ltd and CCO of Dominique London and UK Silver Chaveta award winner for outstanding contribution to the UK cigar trade says “As one of the oldest retail cigar specialists in the UK established in 1817, Turmeaus Tobacconist, and our mail order division, C.Gars Ltd, are very excited about our merger with La Casa Del Tabaco of Belgium. Our team has worked tirelessly to create the best websites, retail shops, and vintage cigar auctions in the UK. The creation of Dominique London will provide the platform for further expansion both in the UK and internationally. I am delighted to serve on the board of directors with our highly experienced partners in Belgium.”

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