BCA is hosting a Boutique Cigar Festival. After months of planning, the Boutique Cigar Association is hosting the first Boutique Cigar Festival in the history of the organization. The BCA is the collective voice of over 45 different members, all boutique cigar brands. Individually these manufacturers don’t have much impact when it comes to legislation and regulations. But as a group, and a collective voice, the Boutique Cigar Association carries weight.

The way that the Boutique Cigar Association is doing that is by education, organization, and awareness. To promote premium cigars nationwide in a way that is adult-centric. And as a result, the desire arose to create regional cigar festivals promoting boutique cigars.

Ministry of Cigars - BCA is hosting a Boutique Cigar Festival

Smoke at the creek

The first Boutique Cigar Festival gets the name Smoke at the Creek from the event location. It is the property of Josh Dowler, owner of Cedar Creek Cigars, and Bryce Elsner of Cedar Creek Brew Company. “A huge thank you go out to both of them. It has always been the vision of the BCA to have an event that will cater to the needs of boutique cigar companies. This, along with future events, will serve as a platform where boutique cigar companies can all come together and connect with local retailers & connoisseurs. More importantly, our events serve as an equal playing ground for all participants (factory owners, distributors, retailers, and brand owners),” says Armen Caprielian from the Boutique Cigar Association.

August event

Smoke at the Creek will take place at Cedar Creek in Martinsville, Indiana. The dates are August 13 and 14. The event location is a 15-acre property with a winery, brewery, and distillery. There is also a concert venue with a capacity of 2000 people.

The VIP event takes place on Friday the 13th of August, from 7 pm to 11 pm. There are only 100 tickets available for the VIP party. The next day is an all-day event from noon till 9 pm. There is a DJ, there is plenty of food and there are drinks. Tickets are available on the festival’s website. Part of the proceeds is going to Cigar Rights of America and Cigars for Warriors.

Ministry of Cigars - Ministry of Cigars - BCA is hosting a Boutique Cigar Festival

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