Balmoral releases Añejo 29 as a limited edition. Only 2000 boxes are available worldwide of which 200 have arrived at Dutch retailers. The boxes contain 10 cigars and the fixed retail price in The Netherlands is €135 per box. The size o the cigar is a Rothschild Massivo with a flag tail. The remaining boxes are going to Belgium, Germany, and France. Belgium gets 150 boxes, France gets 750, and the remaining 900 are going to Germany.

Ministry of Cigars - Balmoral releases Añejo 29 as a limited edition

Añejo series

Royal Agio introduced the Balmoral Añejo series to Europe in 2013. At that time, the premium handmade cigars of the Balmoral Royal Selection lost their shine. There was a real danger that the brand would only be considered as a dry-cured short filler cigar by the European consumers. So to lift the brand up, Royal Agio created the Balmoral Añejo 18. A cigar with an 18-year-old Brazilian Arapiraa wrapper. The first release was a limited edition Rothschild Massivo.

The cigar was such a success that the same blend got a successor. Another limited edition with the same ancient wrapper but this time in a torpedo shape. And when that cigar became such a success, Royal Agio had to come up with something next. But the attempt to polish up the Balmoral name when it comes to premium handmade cigars was a huge success.

The next step was the Balmoral Añejo XO line, followed by the Oscuro, Connecticut, and Nicaragua lines. Ministry of Cigars reviewed the XO Gordo, Oscuro FT Lancero, XO Connecticut Rothschild Massivo, and XO Gran Toro.

Añejo 29

And now Balmoral, under the wings of STG, found an even older Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper to create a limited edition. As the name suggests, it is a 29-year-old wrapper. The cigar is a 5×55 Rothschild Massivo, just like the original Balmoral Añejo 18. The binder is Dominican Olor. The filler comes from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Brazil. The Brazilian filler is Mata Norte which is stalk cut.

Looking at the popularity of the Balmoral Añejo lines, these cigars will fly off the shelves. And looking at the history, it would not surprise Ministry of Cigars if Balmoral kept some of the wrappers aside for a torpedo vitola for a 2022 release.

Ministry of Cigars - Balmoral releases Añejo 29 as a limited edition

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