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Birthdays and events
July 6
Jim Colucci (Gurkha Cigars)
July 7
Gaby Kafie (Kafie Cigars)
July 8
Michael Gianini (formerly General Cigars & Ventura Cigars)
July 9
Oscar Valladares
July 10
Mirko Giotto (El Sueno Cigars)
July 11
Ciro Cascella (Arturo Fuente)
July 12
Philip G. Wynne (Felipe Gregorio)
, Tom Mulder (La Sagrada Familia)
July 17
Jan Vistisen (Royal Danish)
July 19
Edgar Hoill (OSOK)
, Roberto Martinez (RM Cigars)
July 20
Kevin Keithan (Cubariqueno)
July 22
Dr. Alejandro Martínez Cuenca (Joya)
July 24
Gustavo de Hostos (Puros de Hostos)
July 25
Hector J Alfonso sr (Espinosa Cigars)
, Skip Martin (RoMa Craft)
July 27
Francisco Batista (Royal Agio)
, Jean Michel Louis (Saga)
July 28
Antonio Gomez (La Flor Dominicana)
July 29
Frank Herrera (Cigar Law)
, Mike Szczepankiewicz (Powstanie Cigars)
August 3
Juan Lopez (Gurkha Cigars)

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