German tour for Kristoff

German tour for Kristoff with Jarrid Trudeau, the company’s Vice President. He will be touring Germany with Kristoff’s distributor Kleinlagel GMBH all week with evens all over the country. The events The first event will take place in Munich. The location of the event...

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Cigar Social opened in Perth

Cigar Social opened in Perth. Cigar Social is a private member, business only club. And it’s a unique location in a country with extremely strict anti-tobacco laws. Australia was the first to introduce plain packaging. And the tobacco taxes are extremely high as well....

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Caldwell Cigars has landed down under

Caldwell Cigars has landed down under. Firmin Cigars received their very first shipment from Caldwell Cigar Company. Firmin Cigars is the exclusive distributor for the Caldwell brands. 

For now, Firmin opted to focus on the Long Live the King, Long Live the King Mad...

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Marrero Artistico available in Australia

Felix Gonzalez is a veteran in the cigar industry, having worked for Arturo Fuente, La Flor Dominicana, and Davidoff. And last year he teamed up with Marrero cigar company. And this partnership led to the opening of a brand new factory in Tamboril. Owning a factory...

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Finally a cigar event in Australia

Rocky Patel is coming to Australia, and that's a rarity since it's the first time in several decades that a well-known cigar manufacturer comes down under. The event will take place on January 28th at the Blue Room on the world famous Bondi Beach. Tickets are for sale...

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Birthdays and events
July 24
EVENT: HENK Maori, Mellgrens, Goteborg Sweden
, Gustavo de Hostos (Puros de Hostos)
July 25
EVENT: Long Ash competition, Kuala Lumpur
, Hector J Alfonso sr (Espinosa Cigars)
July 28
Antonio Gomez (La Flor Dominicana)
August 3
Juan Lopez (Gurkha Cigars)
August 7
Kurt van Keppel (Xikar)
, Rick Charles (Ventura)
August 8
Mike Bellody (MLB Cigars)
August 12
Jesper Petersen (Splendid Cigars)
August 15
Erik D Espinosa (Espinosa Cigars)
August 26
EVENT: Goesting Cigar Dinner, Utrecht
, Ramon Zapata Perez (Condega)
August 30
EVENT: CSWC Finale, Croatia
, Jessi Flores
, Sal Lucchetta (Arista Cigars)
August 31
Darren Cioffi (Principle Cigars)
, EVENT: CSWC Finale, Croatia
September 1
Danny Vazquez (RoMa Craft)
, EVENT: CSWC Finale, Croatia
September 2
Patricia Quesada (Quesada Cigars)
September 11
EVENT: La Casa Del Habano, Chester
September 12
Abe Flores (PDR)
, Raquel Quesada Vega (Quesada Cigars)
September 13
EVENT: Cigar Dinner with Nestor Plasencia, Boisdale, London
September 14
EVENT: Big Smoke Amsterdam
, EVENT: Cigar Messe, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
September 15
EVENT: Big Smoke Afterparty, Jacks Cigar Bar, Rotterdam
, EVENT: Dutch Big Smoke, Alblasserdam
, EVENT: Meet & Greet, Tabakado, Eindhoven, Netherlands
September 19
EVENT: Big Smoke Cologne
, EVENT: Dunbarton At Cigaragua, Amsterdam
September 21
Ministry of Cigars
September 22
Glen Case (Kristoff)
September 28
Courtney Smith
October 3
Steven Ysidron (Epicurean)
October 10
EVENT: Herf International 2019, Punta Cana, DR
, Pedro Jose Gomez Rodriguez (Drew Estate)
October 11
EVENT: Herf International 2019, Punta Cana, DR
October 12
EVENT: Herf International 2019, Punta Cana, DR
October 13
EVENT: Herf International 2019, Punta Cana, DR
, Heiko Poerz (HENK!)
October 14
EVENT: Herf International 2019, Punta Cana, DR
October 17
EVENT: Festival Origens, Brazil