Australia is getting more Warped. The official Warped distributor for Australia, Firmin Cigars, has secured more of the brand. The new order includes some hard to find and unique cigars. Warped won Firmin Cigars’ top 25 for 2018 with the Warped Series Gran Reserva 1988. On December 27th, Firmin Cigars will release their new Top 10. Maybe one of the new Warped releases will take home the crown.

Australia and Hawaii

Warped released store exclusive cigars for the Hawaiian R. Fields Wine Company for the last two years. R. Fields is the biggest tobacco store in Hawaii, and they regularly have exclusives made. In fact, their Tatuaje T110 from 2009 is the original Tatuaje Fausto. But being a fan of Warped, Trent Firmin reached out to Marvin Chang from R. Fields Wine Company. Being a brother of the leaf and a gentleman, Chang agreed to send a few boxes to Firmin Cigars.

The agreement between Chang and Firmin was about the 2018 Exclusive release, the Warped Corto RF-X50. But when the two met during the IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas in July, Chang told Firmin he already reserved a few boxes of the 2019 Warped Eagles Descent for Australia. Both limited and exclusive editions are now for sale in the former British colony.

More warped

The new release of the Warped La Colmena Unico Especial is coming to Australia too. These cigars are packed in canisters of 10 cigars. Firmin Cigars also stocked up on the best selling Cloud Hopper No.485. And the Flor de Valle Seleccion is coming as well. All cigars are expected to arrive before the end of the year.

Ministry of Cigars - Australia is getting more Warped

Firmin Cigars recently won the LuxLife Magazine Global Excellence Awards – Best Online Cigar Store & Cigar Accessories 2019 Award. That’s a huge achievement for a company that’s only two years old. The company is responsible for the distribution of some of the best boutique brands in Australia. Australia might be the toughest market in the world for tobacco. The tobacco tax is higher than anywhere in the world. Australia was also the first country to implement plain packaging.

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