Asylum Cigars meets Carfellas. About a decade ago, Discovery Channel had a new reality-tv show about cars. Car shows are popular, but most are about restoring cars. Carfellas was about three Italian American brothers. Three loud brothers who turned their life of crime around and were now dealing with cars. One of the stars of the show is Tommie Romola, also known as BigTime Tommie. The show only lasted one season, but Romola also appears in America’s got talent in 2017.


During both his appearance in Carfellas as well as America’s got talent, Romola was seen with cigars. Big cigars and he loves the Asylum 7×70. That cigar was featured in his appearance on America’s got talent where even host Nick Cannon was seen holding that cigar. 

A mutual friend of both Asylum’s Tom Lazuka and Tommie Romola, Vincent Prestigiacomo introduced the two. Prestigiacomo is the owner of Smoke Inn Delray Beach, a cigar store in Florida. Lazuka wanted to do something with Romola for a while, due to his love of the Asylum 7×70 and this was the start of it.

Asylum 13 BigTime Tommie

So now there is the Asylum 13 BigTime Tommie. It is a 7×70 Nicaraguan puro, medium to full in body. Each box contains 30 cigars. Asylum Cigars is working on a smaller version, but that would still be a 6×60 Gordo, hardly a small cigar.

The cigars debuted during an event at Prestigiacomo Smoke Inn Delray Beach with both Tom Lazuka and BigTime Tommie Romola in attendance. Asylum Cigars is planning more events with Romola. Since his fame is mostly American, it is unlikely that the cigars will make it to international markets but you’ll never know.

Ministry of Cigars - Asylum Cigars meets Carfellas

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