Arturo Fuente ships Heaven and Earth. The latest shipment of the Heaven and Earth series is on its way to retailers in the United States. It is unclear if the rare Dominican cigars will reach some of Arturo Fuente International distribution partners will get these cigars as well. Arturo Fuente Selection authorized retailers in the United States are getting the aged cigars, that is for sure.

This release

The release for June 2021 includes several sizes, several vitolas, and several blends. It includes the Arturo Fuente Rare Black in a Torpedo and Double Corona size. The manufacturer suggested retail price before tax is $55 for the Torpedo and $65 for the Double Corona. The cigars come in black travel humidors by Prometheus. The travel humidors are limited edition.

Other cigars that are in this release are the Arturo Fuente OpusX Scorpio Maduro, These 5 ¾x52 cigars will come in glossy yellow travel humidors containing 10 cigars. The MSRP for a travel humidor is $550. The Arturo Fuente OpusX Taurus the Bull is part of the shipment in both the Natural and Maduro blend. 10 of these 6×52 cigars in a travel humidor have a price of $600 MSRP before tax. The travel humidors are available in red or ebony.

Ministry of Cigars - Arturo Fuente ships Heaven and Earth

And what would Heaven & Earth be without the iconic BBMF? The 6½x64 double perfecto cigars also come in Natural and Maduro. Again in travel humidors from Prometheus containing ten cigars. The BBFM (Big Bad Mother Fucker) Naturel comes in red and ebony travel humidors. The BBMF Maduro comes in blue and yellow. 


The cigars are all made at the Arturo Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic. The cigars are aged after rolling. Prometheus International from California, USA made the travel humidors. Prometheus makes more accessories for Fuente and distributes special edition Fuente cigars.

Part of the proceeds of the Heaven and Earth series goes to charity. $50.000 goes to Cigar Rights of America to support their fight against the FDA’s regulation of premium cigars. Another huge chunk of the proceeds goes to the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. This charity from Arturo Fuente and J.C. Newman helps Dominican children to an education and healthcare. They also help towns with water supply and other first needs. 

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