Arturo Fuente Amsterdam update. Recently, Ministry of Cigars published the news that Arturo Fuente will get an exclusive store in Amsterdam. It will be the first exclusive Fuente store outside of the USA.

A visit to Chateau Fuente

Last week, the entrepreneur behind the idea, Sasja van Horssen visited Chateau Fuente in the Dominican Republic. He went there to get inspiration for the shop. And he found it, literally on the floor. He noticed the floor tiles used at Chateau Fuente. As soon as Van Horssen returned to Amsterdam, he started to hunt down the Maroccan style tiles. And he found them locally.

And that’s right on time, as the landlord has handed over the keys to Van Horssen and his team. The shop, located in Amsterdam’s museum quarter, is vacant. So earlier this week a contractor went in to measure everything.

Ministry of Cigars - Arturo Fuente Amsterdam update

Large humidor

A large walk-in humidor will be located in the back of the store. The humidor will have long shelves and will be used for all regular production cigars from Arturo Fuente. Along the length of the shop, a deep cupboard will be created with seven big doors. That fully humidified cupboard is where all the rare and limited releases will be placed. Each on a dedicated shelve, which will fit one box only. One of those special, limited editions will be the Daniel Marshall by Carlos Fuente.

The basement of the store will be used for storage and a small office. Unfortunately, there is no space for a cigar lounge. Yet with Van Horssen’s other flagship Cigaragua less than 100 meters away, that should not be an issue. Cigaragua has a spacious and luxurious lounge and welcomes all customers from the new Arturo Fuente Exclusive shop.

Van Horssen expects to do a soft opening in July. An official opening is planned for September, around the Intertabac Trade Show in Dortmund.

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