Arnold Andre and Toscano release Marzio in Germany. The two companies collaborate on the Marzio, a cigar that draws inspiration from Mars, the god of war. Two sizes are available to German cigar enthusiasts in striking boxes that catch the attention in any humidor.

Ministry of Cigars - Arnold Andre and Toscano release Marzio

Fire-dried tobacco

Most cigar enthusiasts know Kentucky fire-cured tobacco because of the popular Drew Estate KFC. But they aren’t the only ones using this technique. The Italian cigar manufacturer Toscano has been fire curing Kentucky tobacco for decades. 

Fire curing tobacco is a technique to cure tobacco. After harvesting, tobacco leaves are left to dry in curing barns. Usually, tobacco growers let time and nature take their course. But for some tobacco, this process is different. Wood fires are lit at the bottom of the shelve. The smoke helps to cure the tobacco and gives it a smokey aroma. The flavor is distinctive and strong. Compare it to smoked cheese, meat, or fish.


The new Marzio comes in two sizes. The blenders did tweak the blend to fit the size of the cigars. The Marzio Corona Gorda has a USA Kentucky extra dark fire-cured wrapper. The binder is an air-cured Indonesian Sumatra leaf. The filler contains more USA Kentucky dire cured tobacco with Dominican Olor Seco and Nicaraguan Viso.

The Robusto has the same wrapper and binder combination. The filler is different though. The same Dominican Olor Seco but now in a combination with Italian Kentucky Fire Cured tobacco. Both cigars come in boxes of 24 with a fixed price of €5,30 per cigar. Both sizes are available at German tobacconists since earlier this week.

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