Another cigar warehouse was robbed. In the last few years, several cigar warehouses in Miami have been the victim of burglars. In recent months the victims were Casa Cuevas and Indian Head. Bugatti saw a burglary in their accessory warehouse. Since last weekend we can add JRE Tobacco Co to the list as well. The company of Julio Eiroa and his son Justo saw all their inventory stolen.

The roof

Thieves broke in through the roof. And left no cigar behind. All of the products are stolen. “This has taken an emotional toll on us as 2020 continues to hurt all of us,” says Justo Eiroa, president of JRE. That was in a statement was sent to his sales representatives. “Rest assured we are working hard with our factory to restock our inventory ASAP. We have a shipment in customs that will help alleviate this (in the) coming days.”

Breaking into a cigar warehouse through the roof isn’t a new phenomenon. The same thing did occur at the Alec Bradley warehouse in 2013. That same year the warehouse of Florida Distributor Inc.’s was emptied twice. A.J. Fernandez has been a victim of burglary as well. Another burglary took place at Gurkha cigars. A 40-foot container from Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia disappeared as well. That container also included cigars for J.C. Newman and Sosa Cigars. Let’s hope this is the last time we have to report that another cigar warehouse was robbed

Ministry of Cigars - Another cigar warehouse was robbed

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