Alec Bradley releases limited-edition Mega Burners. In 2008 Alec Bradley released a new lighter. It’s called The Burner and looks like a small cooker for outdoorsmen, hikers, and campers. It is a wind-resistant large single Bunsen burner flame style. With single action ignition, easy fuel adjuster and on-off controls flame size. The large tank base is chrome. It creates a beautiful, big flame and it’s ideal to light cigars. It also looks cool and it’s a great tabletop lighter.

Last year, the American cigar company added a new version of The Burner. An XXL version called the Mega Burner. The specifications of the Alec Bradley Mega Burner are off the charts. The huge tank makes it last forever. It has a burn time of 8 hours, enough to light almost 6000 cigars. The mushroom type of flame lights every cigar perfectly.

Limited Editions

When Alec Bradley released the Mega Burner, the company also announced that there will be limited editions in the future. Instead of the chrome tank, the limited edition versions are covered in artwork. The first three limited editions are released. For the series, Alec Bradley worked with Colorado-based digital artist Ralf Schuetz. He created three designs. Schuetz makes vibrant graphical collages. His work is used for album covers and fashion.

Alan Rubin, the founder of Alec Bradley explains the series. The size of the Mega Burner tank offers a unique opportunity to allow creativity to run wild,” Rubin said. “Having commissioned projects with Ralf before, I knew that his visionary style and use of color could help me achieve my goal of presenting distinctive pieces with collector’s appeal.” So Rubin came up with three names, and Schuetz designed graphics for each of them.

The names are Bomb Girl for the Pin-Up Series, Octobot for the Steampunk Series, and Tatsu for the Classic Ink Series. Since Alec Bradley calls them series, it’s most likely that other artists will design Alec Bradley Mega Burners with the same theme for the next batch of limited edition Mega Burners. Each limited edition is limited to 500 pieces.

Ministry of Cigars - Alec Bradley releases limited-edition Mega Burner
Ministry of Cigars - Alec Bradley Megaburner

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