Alec Bradley presents Project 40. And a project it is this brainchild from Alec Bradley founder Alan Rubin. Specially selected and curated tobaccos are used for this new line. The tobacco comes from Nicaragua and Brazil.

The inspiration

Alan Rubin is a firm believer that cigars have a calming effect. And that belief is backed by several scientific research project. It is a science-based fact that if people relax and wind down, the stress levels drop. And lower stress means a lower risk of cardiac arrest and other illnesses. And smoking cigars forces you to slow down and relax. Therefore a cigar is stress reducing.

“Project 40 is a generally accepted concept in multiple industries with the end goal to find how a service or product can have a positive impact on the mind and body. Since cigars bring people together, cause for relaxation and create positive experiences, I asked myself why this concept should not be applied to premium cigars. This was my inspiration for Alec Bradley Project 40,” Rubin said.

The cigars

For the Alec Bradley Project 40, the company picked premium Nicaraguan fillers, a Habano Brazil binder, and a distinctive, reddish hued Colorado wrapper from Nicaragua. With that, they blended a smooth and flavorful cigar. 

The cigars are named after the sizes. All are straight cigars, parejo. There is a 5×50 version called 05.50. Then there are a 06.25, a 07.50 and a 06.60. The cigars are produced in Esteli, Nicaragua. Not by Plasencia this time, who make all other Nicaraguan Alec Bradley cigars. J Fuego Cigar Co De Nicaragua in Esteli is responsible for the production for the Project 40. The Honduran cigars from Alec Bradley are produced by Raices Cubanas in Danli.

The cigars are budget friendly with suggested retail prices below 6 dollars in the United States. The cigars are available for all international markets as well.