Alec Bradley changing box sizes. From July 2021 onwards, almost all cigars from Alec Bradley will come in boxes of 24 cigars. The new boxes are debuting at the Premium Cigar Association Trade Show this July. The PCA Trade Show takes place in Las Vegas, at the Sands Convention Center from July 10 to 13.

These changes do not affect Texas Lancero, Spirit of Cuba, Occidental Reserve, ABCO Miami, Caribbean Classic, Tubos, “It’s a Boy”, “It’s a Girl”, Fine & Rare, Diamond Rough Cuts, and other limited editions. But it does include the iconic Black Market boxes that currently hold 22 cigars. The Black Market. boxes are equipped with two wooden spacers In the bottom that will be removed. That space will fit two cigars, turning the 22 count boxes into 24 count boxes.

Better sales

Alec Bradley Founder & President, Alan Rubin, indicates that these changes are a part of a research-based initiative to enhance the overall brand experience for tobacconists and cigar enthusiasts. He also noted that Alec Bradley’s migration to 24-count boxes is more efficient and allows the company to hold all its wholesale pricing and MSRP (per cigar) on Premium Boxed Cigars for the remainder of the year.

“Our research shows that 24-count boxes maximize brand recognition and user experience,” Mr. Rubin said. “The new boxes make our cigars more appealing and easier for our advocates to locate in a humidor, correlating to increased sales for our tobacconist partner. This is a game-changer!”

According to Halfwheel.com, 24 count boxes of Kintsugi and Project 40 Maduro produce better sales than comparable cigars in 20 count boxes. And not just with single digits, but close to 80% and 150% better.

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