ACE Prime moves into France. ACE Prime is the company of former NBA champion Tiago Splitter, master blender Luciano Meirelles, and master blender & factory owner Eradio Pichardo. And they are now in an exclusive distribution agreement with Albana Tobacco. The distributor is expecting to introduce the ACE Prime portfolio to the French cigar connoisseurs this spring. 

Albana Tobacco

Albana Tobacco is the distributor for the brands of Christian Eiroa such as CEL, Schizo, and Asylum. But also for Edgar Hoil’s OSOK, Patoro, Smoking Jacket by Hendrik Kelner Jr, Daniel Marshall, and Hedon. Hedon is a French premium cigar, formerly known under the name Navarre.

And now the cigars from ACE Prime are part of the portfolio too. That means that Pichardo Maduro, Pichardo Clasico, Reserva Familiar Connecticut, Reserva Familiar Habano, and Reserva Familiar San Andres will be available soon. As well as Luciano The Dreamer and MXS Signature series. 

The oldest tobacco shop in the world, A La Civette du Palais Royal in Paris, is part of the Albana Tobacco empire. The shop is over 300 years old, making it double the age of the famous JJ Fox company from Dublin. And more than 100 years older than PGC Hajenius, the famous tobacconist in Amsterdam.

International expansion

In the last few months, ACE Prime found distributors in Germany and Brazil. To further grow the international presence they hired Guillaume Cocagnac from Paris. 

“We put our soul into everything we produce, and it’s humbling to see the growth and acceptance of these cigars,” says Luciano Meirelles, in a press release. “We are truly excited for our growth in the European market as we continue to share our cigars with the world,” he adds.

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