Happy Birthday Danish Jan Vistisen. Time to smoke a fancy Royal Danish Regal Queens #1 24k Torpedo. While enjoying some Rumnac.

Ministry of Cigars Happy Birthday Danish Jan
Royal Danish Regal Blend Queens #1 (photo credit: 2Luxury2)

Royal Danish

The Copenhagen based Jan Vistisen founded Royal Danish cigars for two reasons. First his love for tobacco. Secondly, he wanted to keep the Danish tobacco tradition and history alive. A long line of Danish royalty was fond of cigars and other tobacco products.

Vistisen cultivated tobacco before starting his own cigar brand. In 2013, the first Royal Danish cigars came to the market. And the regal blend got the most attention. Mostly because of the Queens 24K torpedo. That cigar is covered with gold leaves and Swarovski diamonds. The cigars are rolled in Costa Rica. And Queens #1 is a limited production cigar, only 30 a day are rolled. These fancy cigars are a hit in Russia and the Middle East.

The blend of the Regal Blend series is a combination of Panamanian and Jamaican filler tobaccos. The binder comes from Peru. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Connecticut.

Swiss Cigars

With Swiss Cigars, Vistisen is the first blockchain cigar in the world. Everything is tracked, from seed to final cigar. And everything can be backtracked as well. From the final product to the exact location of the tobacco plant. But that’s not the only invention with Swiss cigars. The company is rolling cigars in Switzerland with 1% THC for the local market. And with 0.2% THC & CDB for export. The cigars are rolled by exiled Cubans. And just as the Regal Queen #1, the cigars are decorated with gold leaves and Swarovski diamonds.


Besides cigars, Vistisen is also venturing out into alcohol. He came up with Rumnac. That is a pre-mixed blend of Cognac and Rum. The hybrid spirit is blended and bottled in France. Old certified rare casks are used. It is made from VSOP Award Winning Cognac from Vinet-Delpech. And Caribbean rum, of which the source is undisclosed.

Ministry of Cigars Rumnac
Three different Rumnac bottles

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