A new social media platform for cigars. There is a new social media platform for cigars. It’s stogieslives.com and it’s the brainchild of Valery Marszalek. Marsalek was talking to a friend when he mentioned that he was in Facebook jail for a week for posting a picture of five cigars next to a cigar box. And it’s not the only case of people receiving restrictions over tobacco. Ministry of Cigars wrote about that not once, but twice.

But that friend being jailed on social media was the inspiration to start a social media platform where cigars are no reason for any restriction. It is a legal product, so there is no reason to restrict it. And with Facebook coming down harder and harder on tobacco, it was time for an alternative. MeWe and Parler aren’t the right platforms, so there was no other option than to start one.

Supporting small businesses

In an email to Ministry of Cigars, Marszalek wrote “Cigars aside, I think what was particularly bothersome to me about that is some of these individuals being restricted are small business owners. As a mom, I am a big supporter of small businesses. They feed children, buy dance lessons and create opportunities for local communities. A lot of small businesses are hurting right now and I wanted to create a way to help them. The cigar industry is a little complicated. You can’t advertise on mainstream social media platforms, Google, or any of the other traditional venues businesses use. I’m a strong believer that in life, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I may be able to do one thing well, and you may be great at something I’m simply not good at. With that in mind, many small cigar companies (whether they be brick and mortar, online, small brands, etc.) struggle with technology. I’ve designed many websites, and many business owners (regardless of the industry) believe that once their website is done, it’s just going to magically be at the top of Google. I always hate to burst people’s bubbles but it’s not that simple.”

Search Engine Optimalisation is complicated. The big tech companies change their algorithms constantly. For small businesses, it’s hard to keep up and be found online. Add that to the restrictions on advertising for the cigar industry, it makes life hard for the small businesses.

Marszalek is on a mission to return that freedom to the people and help those small businesses. Stogielives is The platform is similar to Facebook and will have new features being released within the upcoming months. There is no app yet, but that is something that Marszalek is working on.


Stogielives allows sales on the marketplace. Federal restrictions don’t allow cigar sales, but the marketplace is there for accessories, coins, and other cool products. There is a little moderation on the marketplace, to prevent scammers from ripping off brothers and sisters of the leaf. Yet using tracking numbers is advisable to prevent scamming and using PayPal with buyers protection. 

The cigar industry is not involved in stogielives.com. For now, it is just Valery Marszalek’s Marsz Inc. In the past, there were a few attempts of cigar companies to set up a Social Media platform but they didn’t perform as expected. But with the current restrictions that social media platforms are placing on cigars, this might be the right time for Stogielives to go live. Ministry of Cigars has been testing Stogielives for a few weeks, and if you are a member, or become a member, give our page a like.

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