There’s a new kind of cutter coming to the market soon. The Select Draw Cigar Cutter is a cutter tool different than any others. Now I know, that sounds exactly as what the Shuriken cutter promised and that was a big failure. But from the looks of the video and the pictures, the Select Draw Cigar Cutter doesn’t have the disadvantages that the Shuriken cutter has.

Now honestly, we at Ministry of Cigars haven’t had the chance to try the Select Draw Cigar Cutter yet, so we can’t say if it works or not. Yet from the pictures and the video we saw, the Select Draw Cigar Cutter is a versatile tool that allows you to cut the cap of your cigar in several styles. It can also punch three small holes in the side of your cigar to reduce the strength and it doubles as a cool looking nub-tool.

With the Select Draw Cigar Cutter, you are certain that the cigar won’t unravel since you don’t cut the cap off. You also won’t get loose tobacco in your mouth since the holes you punch are too small. And you can punch as many small holes as you like, and where you like them. Just three in the cap, or multiple punches to get more holes in the cap. Or on the cap and the sides, or just the sides. And with that, it’s more versatile than a regular punch, straight cutter or a V cut. Now again, we have not tested it ourselves, so we can’t vouch for the cutter.

cap draw

cap draw 2-4 style

Select Draw side draw style

Select Draw Aeration to weaken the strength of the cigar. Pierce on both sides to avoid drawing false air

Select Draw nub-tool or draw poker.

The Select Draw Cigar Cutter is an invention of Marc Alston. He wanted his wife to enjoy cigars just like him but saw her struggle with pieces of tobacco in her mouth. He came up with the idea and after ten months of designing, trial and error he came up with the Select Draw Cigar Cutter. Alston teamed up with Mark Weissman and they are launching the Select Draw Cigar Cutter to the public. They are looking for retail partners but in the meantime, they will start selling the cutters on their website on January 1st. And yes, they ship internationally.

The Select Draw Cigar Cutter is made from aluminum and steel. The cap is a screw on so you can transport the Selec Draw Cigar Cutter in your pocket without piercing your body. It’s a lightweight tool, with a weight of just 42,5 grams with a size of approximately 8×5 centimeter. According to the manufacturer the cutter has been tested heavily under different kind of conditions to make sure it can be used in any situation.

Once we get our hands on the Select Draw Cigar Cutter we will test and review it on the site.